Pelvic Health

We strive to provide an outstanding Pelvic Health Physiotherapy service for women in Wirral and West Cheshire.  We are specialists in the treatment of many pelvic conditions, especially conditions that involve pelvic floor dysfunction.  We treat women of all ages, from 18 years old and above. 

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These conditions include

  • gynaecological problems such as vaginal prolapse

  • bladder problems such as urinary incontinence

  • bowel problems such as difficulty emptying bowels and/or faecal incontinence

  • chronic pelvic pain conditions

  • pelvic pain related to pregnancy (previously known as SPD)

  • weak stomach muscles e.g. diastasis rectus abdominis (tummy gap)

  • painful intercourse

Please see the conditions pages for further information on common conditions that we treat.

Physiotherapy changed my life. After years of suffering with pain and falling into a depression....I was a broken almost a year on I feel like a new person! I can’t thank my physio enough
— MG, chronic pelvic pain