Breast Health Physiotherapy

Breast Cancer and its treatments create a number of common problems. Breast cancer surgery has very specific effects on the physicality of a patient- which is why a Physiotherapist specialising in this area is crucial.  Some of the symptom’s physiotherapy can help with in this area include:

  • Pain

  • Reduced movement in the shoulder

  • Stiffness or tight areas of the body following surgery and/or radiotherapy

  • Stiff, tight or painful scars following surgery

  • Deconditioning or loss of muscle strength

  • Difficulties returning to function i.e. actives of daily living, hobbies, physical activity, sport or work

  •  Soft tissue tightness in the armpit, known as cording and/or axillary web syndrome

 This service is suitable for patients who have had breast and/or axilla (armpit) surgery performed as part of their cancer treatment. This includes; mastectomies, mammoplasty (lumpectomies), reconstructive surgery, axillary node clearance and sentinel lymph node biopsies.

Amelia offers individual personalised physiotherapy sessions in a private and calming environment. Treatments include myofascial and connective tissue release of cording or scarring in the axilla, breast, chest wall or involved donor sites (following reconstructive surgeries).  This is normally followed by an individualised stretching, range of movement and strengthening exercise programme for the shoulder, upper limb and on occasion the spine. These methods are aimed at restoring normal function, reducing maladaptive (abnormal) patterning and in doing so, hopefully reducing levels of pain and discomfort.